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Transportation Services - Nationwide

IKON Transportation Services Inc. is a nationwide logistics company, arranging transportation solutions throughout North America as well as internationally. The company was founded in February 2010 by Jerry Moisson. Prior to establishing IKON, Jerry has over 35 years of experience in multiple modes of transportation that include Management, Operations and Sales. IKON or “I KNOW ONE NAME in Transportation” is headquartered in Janesville, WI, with offices throughout the United States. IKON has a reputation for providing superior customer service. Key to this is our team of professional, qualified transportation experts. IKON uses State-of-the-Art software and technical solutions coupled with a "hands on" approach to ensure standards and increased reliability for our customers. IKON professionals continue to manage each load from pickup to completion. Personalized communication on each transaction ensures that every load has the proper load information, safety equipment, and directions, to ensure every driver arrives promptly for all loading and delivery appointments. This "hands on" approach to each load has been the foundation for IKON growth and puts us ahead of others in providing quality service.

Financial Stability

Another management practice key to IKON’s success is our financial stability. IKON Transportation Services maintains the highest standards and prides itself as being a partner you can trust. IKON integrity, professional service to the customer, and prompt payment has made us a leader in customer satisfaction. IKON always has two customers on every load; one being the shipper, and the other being the carrier. IKON makes every effort to manage both with Trusted professionalism.