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Yellow truck carrier transporting heavy machinery

Carriers / Factoring Companies

As a carrier with IKON Transportation Services, you will benefit from:

  • Invoices are paid in 30 days or less
  • We offer quick pay options
  • Payments can be sent via Fed Ex overnight (additional fees apply)

IKON Stands for “I Know One Name in Transportation.” We pay invoices for the following companies through a management agreement contract. These companies are the following:

  • IKON Transportation Services, Inc MC# 709241
  • IHUNT Motor Freight DBA Milwaukee Street Logistics Inc. MC# 785191
  • IRay Logistics Inc. MC# 764988
  • Brooke-IT Brokerage MC# 786803
  • Paige-IT Transport Inc. MC# 802522
  • Claire-IT Carriers Inc. MC# 802525
  • Milton Logistics Inc. MC# 842251
  • Mission First Logistics Inc.MC# 803561

To get paid, you will need to send us an invoice, a signed bill of lading and a signed rate confirmation.

Military loads require a signed government CBL unless prior arrangement have been made with our dispatcher.