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Military – Government

IKON Transportation Services fully understands the unique dynamics of supporting our military as well as other government agencies. IKON specializes in supporting the U.S. Government and military in its transportation requirements and our team of military experts is well suited in understanding the demands of handling sensitive government shipments.

IKON is setup as a trading partner with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) as a transportation provider that meets all requirements. We are a Syncada enabled Department of Defense (DOD), General Service Administration (GSA), and Department of Energy (DOE) approved logistic provider; who can meet the needs of the all Federal and State Government agencies.

The IKON leadership team has extensive experience supporting the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergence Management Agency (FEMA). During Hurricane Harvey, the IKON team assisted in the support of the Texas National Guard deployment and recovery of the city of Houston and the surrounding cities that were affected by the Hurricane. IKON maintains a strong reputation inside the many government agencies it supports. We can be relied upon to move critical shipments on-time and within budget anywhere in the United States as well as overseas. In support of our homeland security mission, the war effort, or responding to a natural disaster, IKON gives every government and military shipment the “sense-of-urgency” our nation deserves.


Our team is divided by geographic region of the shipment’s origin to better serve our customers.